A trademark is a symbol in the form of a word, a device or a level that identifies and distinguishes in the marketplace the products or services of one enterprise from those of other enterprises. Trademarks perform a valuable macro-economic function in terms of identifying the origin of products or services and thereby fostering accountability to the consumer.

The object of the trademark law is to deal with the precise nature of the rights which a person can acquire in respect of trademarks: the mode of acquisition of such rights, the method of transfer of those rights to others, the precise nature of infringement of such rights, the procedure for enforcement of those rights and the remedies available in respect thereof.

The purpose of trademark Act, as stated in the preamble, is to provide for registration and better protection of trademarks for goods and services and to prevent the use of fraudulent marks.

At the national/regional level, trademark protection can be obtained through registration, by filing an application for registration with the national/regional trademark office. At the international level, either by filing a trademark application with the trademark office of each country in which applicant seek protection or can use WIPO’s Madrid System.

We provide comprehensive advice and services related to the registration and protection of trademarks in India and around the world. Our services include:

  • Strategic and legal advice regarding the selection of trademarks.
  • Construction and management of a portfolio of trademark registrations.
  • Conducting searches in India and abroad.
  • Filing trademark application for Registration in India and around the world.
  • Opposition and Cancellation of Registration.
  • Counter to the Opposition and Cancellation of Registration.
  • Trademark watch services.
  • Domain name registration, protection, and acquisition.
  • Recordal of trademark registration with Indian customs office.

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