A design is an ornamental feature in a product, indicated by shape, configuration, pattern, ornament or composition of lines or colours. A design is one such feature that provides an aesthetic advantage to the product, making it the product’s unique selling point.

Registration of a design aims at prohibiting competitors from practicing unfair trade practices and maintaining a fair competition. The main aim of the design law is to ensure that the registered owners have exclusive rights over their designs, prohibiting third parties from copying the design and using it for commercial purposes.

An industrial design must be registered in order to be protected by industrial design law as a “registered design” in the majority of countries. In certain countries provide so-called “unregistered industrial designs” with time- and scope-limited protection without registration.

We provide comprehensive advisory and legal services related to the registration and protection of designs in India and around the world. Our services include:

  • Strategic and legal advice regarding the registration of design
  • Construction and management of a portfolio of design registrations
  • Filing design application for Registration in India and around the world
  • Piracy of designs and proceedings thereof
  • Rectification of the Register

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