Copyright is an exclusive right provided to the authors of unique expression of literary work, dramatic work, musical work, computer programmes, artistic work, cinematographic film and/or sound recordings.

The aim of copyright law is to provide the authors with moral and economic rights over their work: right of the registered author to derive financial rewards; transfer ownership or assign the exclusive rights; protect their work from being copied; ensure exclusivity over the expression of the idea; prohibited unauthorized reproduction, recording, broadcasting, translation and adaption of the work.

We provide comprehensive advisory and legal services related to the registration and protection of copyright in India and around the world. Our services include:

  • Strategic and legal advice regarding the registration of copyright
  • Construction and management of a portfolio of copyright registrations
  • Filing copyright application for Registration in India
  • Litigation proceedings in case of infringement of copyright
  • Rectification of Register   

For more information concerning copyright registration and protection prosecution, please forward your email to: [email protected]. We look forward to working with you.